Client Testimonials

Catherine served as a fabulous, much-needed second reader on my (rather long and complicated) novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land. She helped me tighten language, repair chronological wrinkles, clarify muddled passages, and even invent some terminology. And she served as an essential sounding board for all sorts of revision ideas. Most importantly, Catherine helped me stay confident and buoyant when I was exhausted from the work of assembling the book. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Anthony Doerr, Pulitzer-prize-winning author of the novels Cloud Cuckoo Land, All the Light We Cannot See, and About Grace; the story collections The Shell Collector and Memory Wall; and the memoir Four Seasons in Rome

There are editors, and there are editors. And then – I kid you not – there are EDITORS. I’ve worked with a lot of editors. All kinds. Heck, I’m an editor. Catherine Knepper is damn near peerless. Fiction or nonfiction; it matters not. She’s the kind of editor that editors want to work on their prose. It won’t be easy to get on her schedule but if you get the chance, grab it with both hands and hold on for a wild ride.

Wesley Wildman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center for Mind and Culture, professor of philosophy, theology, and ethics at Boston University, and co-author of Spirit Tech: The Brave New World of Consciousness Hacking and Enlightenment Engineering

Catherine is truly lovely to work with. She immediately made me feel very comfortable, making it easy to share my story. She immersed herself in my personal journey, and her ability to take my life and put it down on paper in a way that is completely authentic and genuine is so impressive. She captured my voice and translated it to a story that reads so beautifully - exactly what I wanted to say, but better.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder and brand ambassador of OPI Products, Inc. and author of I’m Not Really a Waitress: How One Woman Took Over the Beauty Industry One Color at a Time

It’s with full confidence and inspiration that I recommend Catherine Knepper. As a second-time author working with Harvard Business Review Press, I knew I needed someone who could deliver a high-quality, no nonsense, practical manuscript for a business audience and be able to do that in a way which also captured my natural style, authenticity, and voice as an executive coach. From the outset, I noticed Catherine’s rigor in how she approached really understanding the publisher I was working with and the reader I was writing for. Her level of commitment only continued as we spent months working together to transform outlines, drafts, research, and interviews into a fully realized manuscript. Catherine is a gifted writer and fully brought to life my voice and message. In every page, you see where she has enhanced my thinking, considered the reader’s point of view, or has integrated important research by selecting the right information, paraphrasing exactly what is needed, and footnoting all with precision.

On top of producing an outstanding, quality end product, Catherine is an absolute joy to work with! She is authentic, positive, and encouraging all along the way, which offers an author a sense of important ease during a process which can bring high stress and tight deadlines. As I look back on my work with Catherine I’ll forever be grateful for her being there every step of the way-not only in my being able to turn in my manuscript to Harvard Business Press ahead of schedule but also for making it a fun and wonderful experience overall!

Amy Jen Su, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Paravis Partners and author of The Leader You Want to Be: Five Essential Principles for Bringing Out Your Best Self - Every Day

I have no doubt my book would not have been the success it is without Catherine’s editorial help. This was a challenging piece and I had fast deadlines, but she immediately understood my objectives and voice, and was able to quickly identify smart solutions on exactly how to move it forward. She breathed new vision into my manuscript in just a few short weeks.

Catherine puts great dedication and care into her work. She spends the time to do what’s best for her clients, and handled my writing with an incredible amount of thoughtfulness. There is no doubt Catherine is in your court. She gave me the direct feedback I needed, and set me on a smart path forward. Working with Catherine on my manuscript was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve experienced over a decades-long career.

Alison McCauley, CEO and Founder of Unblocked Future and author of Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business (and What to Do About It)

Catherine Knepper is a dream of an editor. She excels at both diagnosing the problem and figuring out a way forward. This combination is extremely rare: it takes special skill to understand not only what a writing project is, but what it might be. What’s especially wonderful about Catherine is that she is able to explain both what is wrong and what is right in a clear, supportive manner. I’d recommend her to any writer who wants a super-smart, talented, warm and professional editor who is both thorough and creative. She is the real deal, and seeing her work left me with just one word - wow.

Aviya Kushner, award-winning author of The Grammar of God

It was a magical experience working with Catherine Knepper. It began with a finely-tuned book proposal and finished with a 334-page product, Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, in an insanely short period (4 months!). Catherine interviewed many of my patients, all of whom loved speaking with her and sharing their stories, and converted dull medical material into an interesting ‘page turner.’ Perhaps my editor summed it up best by stating that this was the most complete manuscript she had ever received.

Dr. Michael Miller, director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center

It seemed like I met a soul mate when Catherine and I talked for the first time about co-writing Against the Wind. I was looking for someone to understand me and the age that I grew up in, the 60’s and 70’s. I assumed it was going to be a male Boomer who’d lived through those days. It wasn’t as I thought-I found a real treasure of talent and understanding in Catherine. Catherine was intrigued by my story of redemption and said she would give it a try for a chapter or two. We worked through those first chapters and from there we both became a part of this great book. Thank you, Catherine, as you have touched my soul and so many readers who have read our book!

Kirk VanHee, broker associate, backcountry ski enthusiast, and philanthropist

Catherine Knepper has been a critical member of our team as we researched, wrote, published, and promoted The Adversity Paradox. Whether it is editing, writing, or structuring ideas, she is highly proficient.

J. Barry Griswell, chairman and retired CEO of The Principal Financial Group, and Bob Jennings, president of Lean Management Group, Inc., authors of The Adversity Paradox, a Wall Street Journal best-seller

Catherine is gifted not just in crafting great prose and helping others craft great prose. She’s gifted in gently instructing and guiding you along the way so that your future work will be that much better.

Lia Huber, founder and CEO of Nourish Network and author of Nourished: A Memoir of Faith, Food, & Enduring Love

Many important eyes have looked at Fear and Faith in Paradise: Exploring Conflict and Religion in the Middle East, but few as discerning and imaginative as Catherine Knepper. She has played more than a few roles in the manuscript’s development, from copy editor and sounding board to fact checker and midwife. Her faith in the manuscript was untiring.

Phil Karber, author of Fear and Faith in Paradise and The Indochina Chronicles: Travels in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, winner of the 2006 Lowell Thomas Travel Book of the Year Bronze Award

Catherine Knepper provided incisive and erudite criticism of my fiction manuscript. Her editing suggestions made good sense and improved the book immeasurably. I value her insights enough that I plan to ask her to edit its sequel.

Lisa King, author of Death in a Wine Dark Sea

Catherine is the ultimate teammate. She is always encouraging, and offers ideas and suggestions in such a positive way, she makes you want to keep writing. I especially appreciated her leadership in helping me create a structure that allowed my stories and ideas to flow, and to make sense.

Ambassador Mary E. Kramer (Ret.), author of More Than a Walk on the Beach: Confessions of an Unlikely Diplomat and An Unlikely Ambassador and Her Diplomatic Daughter: Stories & Recipes for the Life You Want

When I began writing my book I had no idea how to go about getting published. Then I heard about Catherine Knepper. Thanks to Catherine my writing project became a professional book proposal. Her critique of my manuscript was invaluable in adding dramatic impact and movement to the narrative. The proposal drew the attention of every agent to whom it was submitted, and in the end was accepted by a top literary agent who offered representation less than three hours after receiving the proposal.

Sibylla Brown, author of Timberhill: Chronicle of a Restoration

The idea to write a book came after 12+ years of running our own business. We had a genuine desire to share what we had learned with the next generation of entrepreneurs. We quickly learned that tackling this alone was not feasible, so after numerous interviews and false starts we were referred to Catherine Knepper. After the first interview we knew the search was over. Catherine has been exceptional to work with in every respect imaginable and has exceeded our expectations every step of the way. If you are looking for a ghostwriter look no further, Catherine is the best of the best.

Allen & Andrea Beach, founders of Argus Connection, Inc. and BAW Ventures, LLC and authors of Be a Wolf: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming a Leader of the Pack